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Your Safety Matters!: Marks’s Tips For Secure Online Transaction On Peppa

The increasing spate of scams during online shopping is a major concern for Mark, who has been exploring different ways to curb the fraudulent act that puts buyers at risk of a possible loss of funds.

This is because the number of online shoppers continues to grow, with people using e-commerce and social commerce platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to purchase their preferred products.

But this has also made the platforms a hotbed of fraudulent activities, with fake sellers receiving payments from buyers and absconding with the funds without product delivery.

Mark recalled that his brother, John, lost N85,000 to a fake seller on Facebook after he paid for an iPhone 8s mobile phone. This was the fund he had been saving to afford himself the smartphone, but it went down the drain in the hands of a fraudulent seller.

So, the prevalence of these scams, which has become pervasive, led to Mark taking it upon himself to find a lasting solution to the malicious act.

After thorough research on the internet, Mark discovered Peppa – a social commerce platform that provides escrow services. At first, he was skeptical of the capabilities of this platform to be a game changer in the safety of buyers.

But according to the cliche, “there is no crime in trying,” Mark gave Peppa a shot, and the rest was a story.

How did he use Peppa? Mark created a Peppa account and requested the escrow service as he purchased Instagram. Mark secured his funds due to be paid to the seller and received his product within 24 hours. This was a total conviction for him, and he has since been using the Peppa escrow service.

In light of this, it became a burning desire in Mark to enlighten people on how they can safely shop on various platforms without risking their funds.

To date, Mark has been able to introduce scores of people to Peppa to guarantee their shopping safety. This has applied to not only buyers but also sellers.

Escrow service works so that a buyer makes payment into a third-party account (escrow account), and the funds remain there until the buyer receives their purchased products from the seller. It fosters sellers’ commitment to the purchase terms while promoting buyer’s protection.

So, this is what Mark explains to people, where he advises them to download the Peppa app on the Google Play Store or Apple Store to enable them to start using the escrow service.

Mark is today a crusader of Peppa wherever he is, as he is always exuberant in highlighting the range of benefits people would get when they use the escrow service of the platform.

He said the Peppa escrow system provides:

  • Secure payments for both buyers and sellers
  • Reduction of transactional risk
  • More fraud protection strategies

Mark has availed himself to be around whenever you need him to guide you on using Peppa escrow service after creating an account on the platform.

Therefore, do not be deterred by the challenges of online shopping. Take control of your order and payment with Peppa today. Download our mobile app on the Google Play Store or Apple Store to enjoy safe online shopping.

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