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Best Steps To Improve Social Commerce Strategy For Sellers In Nigeria

One of the top marketing and sales trends for 2023 is social commerce – which is the combination of social media platforms with e-commerce. Social commerce is a relatively new sales channel, but it’s gaining traction as well as acceptance in Nigeria. However, affiliated firms must concentrate on developing a persuasive approach to stand out from the ever-expanding throng of vendors.

Steps To Improve Social Commerce Strategy

Choose The Right Platform

The preferences of your target customers would determine which social media channel is the most appropriate for your business. As such, social commerce businesses need to understand the functionality of each social media and how best they can leverage its features. This would enable sellers to maximize profits and minimize costs.

Best Steps To Improve Social Commerce Strategy For Sellers In Nigeria

Recent updates to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok encourage and expand social commerce. For instance, Instagram once required users to click a link in a brand’s bio to make a purchase, but this has been improved upon as the platform has streamlined the business experience with more recent features that encourage purchases.

However, the drawbacks of identity fraud, payment issues, and other concerns associated with these traditional social commerce platforms call for a need to have an intuitive platform that is not only convenient but also safe and secure for buyers and sellers. This is why Peppa has positioned itself as a full-suite social commerce platform in Nigeria. Therefore, Peppa is the best platform to sell your products at the best prices and ensure the safety of your account and transactions.

Tailor The Experience

The ease of the procedure is one of the main benefits of online shopping. Social commerce differs from other types of retail such that it allows for a convenient comparison of product features and prices from anywhere.

Although lockdowns and other government restrictions may have contributed to the initial expansion of e-commerce during the coronavirus epidemic, the ease and effectiveness of online purchasing have ensured that it will continue to expand even after things have returned to normal. But as more people purchase in-store, online shopping portals like social commerce will face tougher competition. Therefore, businesses must remove barriers for customers and create an excellent online shopping experience.

For instance, the Peppa app is intuitively designed for sellers to set up a storefront that can be easily accessed by buyers on the Peppa Hub. The process of buying from sellers on the app is seamless and straightforward and buyers can see a full description and images of a seller’s product and add it to their cart. This enables the confidence that buyers have in the sellers on the platform.

Also, sellers can generate a link for every one of their products on the Peppa app, which they can send to people to generate more traffic to not just their storefront but each of their products on the Peppa Hub.

Personalize The Experience

Digital marketing is the tool that best enables a personalized experience for what buyers should expect about a business and its products. This is where social commerce excels above traditional kinds of e-commerce. Social media platforms know their subscribers better than most other advertising platforms. They may provide marketing and sales teams with unprecedented information on prospective buyers.

Moreover, sellers can leverage the sophistication of the Peppa app to create a storefront according to the category of their products. This would enable the visibility of their products when buyers search for a particular product in a category.

For instance, mobile phone sellers would list their products under the “Phones & Accessories” category to enable the visibility of their products in that category as buyer search for mobile phones to buy on the platform.

Add Customers Proof

Adding real-life images wherever feasible can help you construct a successful social commerce strategy. These are frequently more relevant than high-gloss photographs. Using a real image of your product helps in establishing a connection with customers. This makes buyers have more trust and confidence in the products as against using stock images.

In this regard, sellers on the Peppa app are required to upload about ten (10) images of each of their products to enable potential buyers to have a good view of the product to inform their decision on the purchase of the products.


Social commerce is the innovative pathway to growing your business as it has the potential to reach millions of target customers if you utilize its functionality optimally. However, Peppa offers you an all-in-one trading experience that enables you to set up a storefront and start selling to the teeming new and existing users on the platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is A Social Commerce Strategy?

A social commerce strategy is the approach of using social media platforms for buying and selling products or services. This means that this strategy broadly underscores not only the buying behaviour of buyers on social media but the move of sellers to sell effectively and efficiently on social platforms.

Social media strategies may vary with the niche of business and the kind of social platforms sellers use, but what is peculiar to selling on social media is the ability to have a significant social media presence that gives your business the authority to attract customers.

How Can I Sell On Social Media?

Selling on social media is a form of social commerce that enables sellers to attract buyers to their businesses. So you can start selling on social media by having a good knowledge of your target audience on your preferred social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter). You can create an appealing storefront that compels prospective buyers to engage with your products and decide to buy from you.

In addition, you can make promotional posts to create brand awareness towards your customers’ demands to promote your sales. The more consistent you are with making posts about your products, the more traffic you generate to your business page, which boosts sales and profit margin.

In other words, you can start selling my on Peppa by creating a Peppa Storefront that enables buyers to see and buy your products on the Peppa Hub. This is considered the best approach to selling on social media, as you can also link your Instagram page to your Peppa Storefront.

What Is The Biggest Social Commerce Site To Sell My Products?

Traditional social media platforms remain the pioneer and biggest social commerce sites. These are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Sellers are leveraging the algorithm of these social platforms to attract more customers in growing their sales. So you can consider any social commerce site to sell your products.

For instance, social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have a huge user base that interacts on the media daily worldwide. This gives you leverage to gain as many customers as possible to your business page to sell your products. Although other social commerce sites are emerging, these traditional social media sites still lead the pack in social commerce.

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