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How Peppa Improves Social Commerce Business For Sellers

This digital age has brought a myriad of innovations to simplify our daily activities towards maximising productivity and profit. This is evident in the increasing transition of businesses to the web for a broader capture of customers who are readily available on the Internet. Therefore, the rise in the number of internet users is proportional to the number of businesses opening an outlook on the internet.

But as the web has served many businesses (e-commerce) over the years, people are now exploring the various social media platforms to offer products and services to the teeming social media users. It is safe to infer that the number of social media users is increasing daily because social media platforms can be easily accessed compared to the web. 

The realisation of the cost-effectiveness and profit maximisation of selling on social media, which is a competitive advantage over physical stores, is attracting sellers to the social portals. Today, there is a wide range of sellers on various social media platforms leveraging the visibility power of social media to make their businesses have a wide reach. This would enable sellers to gain traffic that can translate to customers.

Popular sellers that you can find on social media are wholesalers and retailers in the business of selling both physical and digital products. Physical products include groceries, cosmetics products, electronics, shoes, bags, etc. Digital products are gift cards, NFTs, and whatnot. But what underscores these businesses is the wide profit margin they stand to benefit.

Meanwhile, there is a lingering challenge that social media sellers are grappling with. This has to do with understanding the right channel to attract buyers on social platforms and how to gain the trust of buyers in patronising their business. This comes in handy with social media thefts and scams that are discouraging buyers from making purchases on social media platforms.

There is already a glimmer of hope for resolving these issues as the best solution lies with Peppa. With Peppa, online sellers can have a sigh relief from the headache of devising ways to attract more customers, make profits, and grow their businesses.

What Is Peppa?

Peppa is a peer-to-peer (P2P) social commerce platform on which sellers and buyers meet directly to buy and pay for a preferred product while securing the payment. In this light, Peppa works to create an enabling environment for sellers to sell their products on social media and grow their businesses.

This platform is one of the best African social commerce platforms sellers use to have a simple, seamless, and secure trading experience on social media. The core features of Peppa are the Peppa storefront, Peppa marketplace, and escrow services. These are tripod points that embody the range of benefits available to Peppa.

Ways Peppa Helps Social Media Sellers

Peppa is notable for reinforcing commitment and satisfaction between buyers and sellers by ensuring the security of the payment of the trade. But even as Peppa ensures sellers are accountable for safe trade, they also benefit from Peppa in the following ways:

  • Peppa Storefront

This feature is designed for sellers seeking to sell their products and attract huge buyers. Sellers can create a Peppa account and set up a customised storefront that would automatically be displayed on the Peppa marketplace for buyers to see. These sellers can start selling on the marketplace when they have successfully set up their storefronts.

Setting up a Peppa storefront is simple and fast. Sellers need to upload their products, put a price tag, and name and describe each of the products they are selling. Interestingly, sellers can link their Instagram page to their Peppa storefront to maximise their reach at both ends.

Therefore, if you are a seller that is worried about how to get more buyers on social media, consider the use of a Peppa storefront and you can start selling and earning.

  • Escrow System

This is another feature of Peppa that improves the business of sellers. How the escrow system works to serve as the middleman between the buyer and seller in terms of payment commitment. So the escrow system locks the payment a buyer made for a purchase until delivery has been made to the buyer, from the seller.

The escrow system is a trusted payment strategy that Peppa offers sellers to enable them to earn the trust of buyers, and in turn, grow their businesses. The trust of buyers in a business is alive when they know that the sellers integrate escrow systems into their business. Therefore, buyers see the idea as a win-win situation.

Moreover, buyers would take such sellers seriously and trustworthy to buy from them. In this, sellers grow their social commerce business.

In general, Peppa is an innovative platform designed for buyers and sellers to make payments securely with the ease of doing business.


Social media is the most lucrative way small and medium-scale businesses can successfully thrive. This is because it provides a robust capacity to reach a wider audience that can become buying customers.

However, sellers must understand how to maximise the potential of social commerce to their advantage. This is why Peppa is helping businesses grow with state-of-the-art trading tools integrated into the platform.

Create a Peppa account now and start selling to make profits.

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