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The Role Of Peppa In Promoting Buyer’s Protection In Nigeria Social Commerce

Social commerce has been with us for some time, even as small to medium-sized businesses are taking to social media to sell their products to the teeming social media users that are readily available to buy different products for their varying needs. This makes social commerce an integral part of Nigeria’s commerce landscape.

Nigeria is home to over 206 million people, with about 31.6 million of the population actively using social media. This accounts for about 14.3% of the total population of the country. The data shows how social media has been significantly pervasive in the socioeconomic setting of Nigeria. Therefore, a good understanding of how huge the social media in the country usually informs the decision of many businesses to have their products sold via social commerce platforms – which are largely social media.

Understanding Nigeria Social Commerce

The top popular social media platforms that Nigerians use to sell their products are Instagram and Facebook. This is owed to the large number of these social platforms that present a wider customer audience for different niches in business. Today, there is a direct proportional increase in the number of social media sellers to the exponential growth of social media buyers seeking to buy products in wholesale or retail size. This has made social commerce more popular, even as it becomes the most sought-after online form of shopping after e-commerce.

The Role Of Peppa In Promoting Buyer's Protection In Nigeria Social Commerce

However, as social media sellers are smiling to the bank in reaping the yield of their sales on social commerce platforms, some buyers may not be able to bask in the same ecstasy because of their buying experience with different sellers. Although some social media sellers are dedicated to bringing satisfaction of purchase to their buyers through the timely delivery of purchased products with good quality, other sellers may be found wanting.

There have been incessant cases of buyers purchasing a product from a social media seller and the seller did not deliver as and when due and the product may even come in poor quality. This might have led to complaints from the buyer but the seller didn’t make a move to result. This is a major drawback of social commerce in Nigeria, as many buyers are always skeptical of buying products on social media because of the fear of buying a low-quality product or possible loss of their money.

A preponderance of Nigerian social media sellers and not operate under the trading policy of major social platforms like Instagram and Facebook. We are familiar with the Facebook Marketplace which has a buyer’s protection policy that reels out the guidelines for the protection of buyers on the marketplace. This same protection policy is also available for Instagram buyers. But how religious do sellers take the protection of buyers to heart? This is a question that many Nigerian buyers on social media are unable to find answers to because one buyer or the other has faced disappointment in buying from social media.

Social Commerce Buyer’s Protection In Nigeria

The Consumer Protection Commission (CPC) is the regulating body that promotes and protects the quality of products that consumers buy and use in Nigeria. This commission has been active in protecting the interests of buyers in Nigeria.

But has this regulated body been effective enough to protect social media buyers in the country? This has not been fully achieved. This is owed to the decentralization of social media businesses that are largely peer-to-peer (P2P) in nature. Hence poses a great difficulty in regulating buying and selling on social media. Also, most of these businesses are not duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, so there is little or no regulation that can bind the regulation.

The lack of legislation and regulation of social commerce in Nigeria put buyers at the bending end of the stick, as they remain vulnerable to the possible risks associated with buying products on social media. But this has led many buyers to revert to the old ways of purchasing products – which is walking into physical stores to see the products they want to buy and for them.

But in all of these worries that buyers may dissuade buyers from making purchases on social media, there is now a glimmer of hope. Peppa is the hope to make a safe purchase from social media.

What Is Peppa?

Peppa is a peer-to-peer (P2P) social commerce platform on which people can buy and sell their preferred products without a glitch. It provides a state-of-the-art user-friendly interface that makes it for people to easily navigate the platform to buy and sell.

There is a Peppa Hub for buyers to buy their preferred products at the best prices. Also, there is a Peppa storefront for sellers to set up their customized stores and start selling to maximize profits. Moreover, every payment on the platform is safe and secure. This is because Peppa employs a two-factor authentication (2FA) security system to ensure your security on the platform.

How Does Peppa Promote Buyer’s Protection In Nigeria?

Aside from the features of the Peppa Hub and storefront that are available for buyers and sellers, respectively, the meeting point of the security of payment is the Peppa escrow payment system. This is an innovation that Peppa leverages to reinvigorate the confidence of Nigerian buyers in social media again.

This escrow payment works as the middleman between the buyer and the seller, such that it stores and locks the money that buyers pay for a product from sellers. The seller will not have access to the funds until the delivery of the product meets the satisfaction of the buyers. This, in turn, helps to commit sellers to a dedicated product delivery while buyers pay for their preferred products.

When you (the buyer)  use the Peppa escrow system, it makes your seller more diligent in the fast delivery of high-quality products as paid for and anticipated by the buyer. The work of the Peppa escrow system is similar to the coverage you will get under the buyer’s protection of Facebook. So you can easily return and request a refund if you are unsatisfied with the product you got. The escrow account will release your money to you immediately.

Alternatively, you can choose to buy your preferred product on Peppa Hub as this gives you more confidence in buying without fear of delay in delivery, delivery of low-quality products, or loss of money.


Buyer protection in social commerce is very simple and easy if you know the best way to go. Peppa is that platform that is making social media payments safe and secure as buyers must always be treated as kings. Your payment is secure with the Peppa escrow system or while you shop on Peppa Hub.

Download the Peppa app on Google Play Store or Apple Store to start buying safely.

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